Patrick Killion is UMD's Director of First-Year Research Programs and the Founding Director of FIRE. He asserts "We welcome UMD students to the business of the institutional research mission and " ... [ read more ]

Dr. Cristina Risco is the Research Educator of the Addiction Science research stream. She states that she "values teaching and mentoring within a learning community that promotes student-driven goals, supports taking risks, values diversity, invites a sharing of ideas, and aims for exceptional scholarship" ... [ read more ]

Justin Mckillop is a 2014-15 student in the Risk Communication & Resilience research stream. He told us "I never imagined in a million years that I would be doing the type of research and projects that I am doing right now" ... [ read more ]

Alyssa Goldsmith is a 2014-15 student in the Addiction Science research stream and shares of her FIRE experience "I feel that this has been the best decision that I have made at college thus far" ... [ read more ]