Peer Mentoring Program

What is a FIRE Peer Mentor?

Through completion of the FIRE sequence, students have the opportunity to become a FIRE Peer Mentor. FIRE Peer Mentors are students who continue research with their FIRE stream while mentoring new FIRE students as they acclimate to their research streams. Students often feel more comfortable approaching a fellow student with a problem or concern, and FIRE Peer Mentors provide this bridge between the students and the stream Research Educator.

Why Become a Peer Mentor?

  • Transition from research apprentice to leader. Employers are looking for individuals who can acclimate to challenging new environments and not only succeed as individuals but become leaders.
  • Continued research productivity with the potential opportunity to publish. Students serving in the FIRE Peer Mentor Program continue to do research on advanced projects with an increased potential for publication.
  • Participation in discipline-based conferences. FIRE Peer Mentors are more likely to present their work to other professionals within their discipline while at these professional conferences.
  • The opportunity to becoming involved in a new Research Stream. Each year, the FIRE program expands to include new research streams. New streams require FIRE Peer Mentors to successfully begin. As a mentor in a new stream, you will engage research in a new discipline and learn novel techniques and methods.
  • Receive outstanding letters of recommendation. Students involved in the FIRE Peer Mentor Program are able to further develop their relationship and professional experience with their Research Educator.
  • Certification as a University of Maryland Academic Peer Mentor (AMP). FIRE is not the only program that utilizes student mentors. All FIRE Peer Mentors are certified through the UMD Teaching and Learning Transformation Center’s (TLTC) new Academic Peer Mentoring Program (AMP). This will allow you to potentially move to other leadership positions across campus.
  • Academic credit that communicates leadership on your transcript. Many advanced degree programs (such as medical and graduate school) value strong leadership and mentoring experience. FIRE Peer Mentors are able to communicate this on their transcripts by earning credit in courses specifically designed to develop mentorship skills.
  • More About the Application Process

    Applications open each fall semester. More information about which courses and the credit requirements will be provided during the application process. Please contact Dr. Cristina Risco for more information.