Summer Fellows Program

What is the FIRE Summer Fellows Program?

The mid-point of the FIRE course sequence is the summer between a student's first year and second year. FIRE students can apply during the spring of their first year to be a part of a 10-week immersive research experience with their chosen FIRE stream during this summer period. Students that are selected will be a part of the annual FIRE Summer Fellows Program.

Why would a FIRE student wish to be a part of the FIRE Summer Fellows Program?

The summer is an excellent time to broadly advance your research skills. You will truly be a member of a working research group led by your stream faculty members. No assignments, no reports, no grades, all research. You will be able to build a schedule that fits your other summer commitments. You will be staged to accelerate your research experience and potential leadership during your final FIRE semester in the fall of your second year.

How does the program work?

  • Fellows commit to availability during 8 of the 10 weeks between the beginning of June and the first week of August (dates vary annually but it is always a 10 week period).
  • Weeks need not be contiguous (a student could potentially start at the beginning of the FIRE Summer Fellows period, engage research for 6 weeks, leave for 2 weeks, and then return the final 2 weeks totaling 8 weeks of time).
  • FIRE Summer Fellows commit to 20 hours of research during each of the 8 weeks selected.
  • FIRE Summer Fellows attend a weekly seminar series.
  • FIRE Summer Fellows are awarded a modest scholarship at the end of the fellowship period.
  • More About the Application Process

    Applications open each spring semester. Please contact Dr. Ian Page for more information.