The FIRE program is seeking Assistant Clinical Professors to serve as the Research Educators for innovation and research streams to begin in January 2017.

Research Educators work in collaboration with stream-affiliated faculty members to design and implement the group research agenda and are responsible for all curriculum, instruction and broad student mentorship. Research Educators will coordinate with a team of undergraduate peer mentors to oversee research operations including student research progress, infrastructure maintenance as well as management of the fiscal budget. The position empowers the individual to develop a strong portfolio of experience in curriculum development, instruction, mentorship, leadership and research group management.

  • Research Educator, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity (Computer Science)
  • The First-Year Innovation & Research Experience (FIRE) is a major initiative at the University of Maryland, College Park. FIRE provides first-year students authentic research experience, broad mentorship and institutional connections that impact academic success, personal resilience and professional development. The FIRE program is seeking an individual to serve as the Research Educator (formal title: Assistant Clinical Professor) for an innovation and research stream to begin in January 2018.

    The Research Educator will lead a new FIRE innovation and research stream focused on the Computer Science practices of machine learning, data analytics and/or cybersecurity.

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