ďItís like we gotta demo tape but donít nobody want to hear it, but itís like this Ė the South got something to say! Thatís all I got to say.Ē ~ Andre 3000 of OutKast, The Source Awards (1995)

The Bible Belt. The Black Belt. Red States. Slave states. Below the Mason-Dixon line. The Confederacy. Country. “Bammas.” All of these words have been used to describe the southeastern region of the United States and its inhabitants. As a part of the African American Digital Humanities Initiative (AADHum) this project uses oral history and digital humanities approaches to create a more complex and complete narrative of the beauty, genius and contradictions inherent within the cultures of the American South.

In this FIRE research stream course, students will research Black cultural life in two key southern cities: Atlanta and New Orleans. Students will learn how to conduct, transcribe, analyze, and digitize oral history interviews contributing to a growing digital archive of African American history and culture within African American Digital Humanities initiative (AADHum). Students will gain experience working with text based and reference management software. Finally, students will create digital story maps from their oral history interviews to extend availability and accessibility to other students and community members.

Faculty Leader
Dr. Catherine Knight Steele

Research Educator
Dr. Justin Hosbey