Students working in this stream will explore the mechanistic underpinnings of how a human pathogen causes the disease gonorrhea. The goal of this stream is to exploit the wealth of genomic data that is already available to ask biologically important questions about host-pathogen interactions.

Students will have an opportunity to approach this question from a basic microbiology perspective focusing on the genetics of the pathogen, from a cell biology perspective focusing on the molecules that facilitate bacterial-host cell interactions, or from a biochemical perspective focusing on mechanisms that promoter bacterial-bacterial interactions. Students will receive training in all aspects of molecular cloning, cell biology and microscopy techniques, data mining, and electron microscopy.

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2017 Antibiotic Resistance Innovation & Research Stream

2016 Antibiotic Resistance Innovation & Research Stream

2015 Antibiotic Resistance Innovation & Research Stream

Faculty Leader
Dr. Dan Stein

Research Educator
Dr. Mark Wang