Students involved will identify appropriate system design problems, develop designs that solve these problems, plan and conduct experiments in which they observe subjects designing systems, identify the strategies that the designers use, and build and use simulation models to evaluate design strategies. These studies will cover a variety of design domains but will focus on how a designer or design team decomposes the design problem into sub-problems. The students will discover the similarities and differences of design strategies across different design problems in multiple design domains and how the design strategies influence the quality of designs that are generated.

Specifically, students will receive design education through learning design process and using design tools to solve system design problems while working in a collaborative work environment. In order to complement design education experience, students will be engaged on design research projects. The research projects typically focus on how teams tackle system design problems, design thinking, and related topics. The Designing Innovations Research Stream is the intersection of design process, design education, and design research for the first-year students at University of Maryland.

2018 Designing Innovations Innovation & Research Stream

2017 Designing Innovations Innovation & Research Stream

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Jeffrey Herrmann

Research Educator
Dr. Mohammad Fazelpour