The water we eat, drink and otherwise use can contain bacteria, parasites and viruses that can make humans ill. We work to develop new techniques and technologies to monitor local streams and rivers for levels of these environmental pathogens in order to measure, track and determine the source of contaminations.

The Environmental Pathogens research stream uses molecular biology and genomics to study what types of organisms are found in local waterways, and where they are coming from. We hope by expanding our understanding of these fundamental questions to develop new, more sensitive, and accurate testing methods to find pathogen contamination and help prevent future contamination.

In additional to the General Education credit listed below, this stream's second-semester course (FIRE252) counts toward UMD's Sustainability Minor.

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2017 Environmental Pathogens Innovation & Research Stream

2016 Environmental Pathogens Innovation & Research Stream

2015 Environmental Pathogens Innovation & Research Stream

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Amy Sapkota

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Debra Weinstein

Research Advisor
Dr. Kaci Thompson

Research Educator
Dr. Jennifer German