This stream will expose students to the intersection of crime and immigration, with a focus on immigration detention and removals. Students will learn how to read current events within the context of this crimmigration law. The stream will introduce students to mixed methods, both quantitative and qualitative. First is an examination of how Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) assesses the risk of non-citizens in immigration custody. This risk test is used to distinguish who will be detained and who will be allowed to go home. Students will examine previously unavailable data on the immigrants' criminal backgrounds as well as family relationships and community ties. In addition, students will form partnerships with local community organizations to engage immigrant populations through qualitative inquiry to better understand the implications of immigrant policies on the immigrant experience in the community.

2018 Felons Not Families Innovation & Research Stream

2017 Felons Not Families Innovation & Research Stream

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Robert Koulish

Research Educator
Dr. Kendall Bustad