Note: The Terrapin Genome Project stream will retire at the end of 2017. Thank you for a great 3 years!

Completion of the Human Genome Project allowed us to visualize the genetic blueprints that underlie our similarities as humans and differences as individuals. Having obtained the DNA sequence data for our genome, we became better positioned to study complex human diseases such as cancer, heart disease and mental illness. This knowledge can result in the development of treatments based on a person’s unique genome sequence, known as personalized medicine.

Given that genome sequencing technologies are virtually the same across different organisms, we can apply these tools to any genome of interest, whether in human or a model system such as mouse, fruit flies or bacteria.

In the FIRE Terrapin Genome Project (TGP) stream, students use bioinformatics and computational biology tools to analyze the genome of the diamondback terrapin, the Maryland state reptile and mascot of our university.

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2017 Terrapin Genome Project Innovation & Research Stream

2016 Terrapin Genome Project Innovation & Research Stream

2015 Terrapin Genome Project Innovation & Research Stream

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Mihai Pop

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Michael Cummings

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Stephen Mount

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Sridhar Hannenhalli

Research Educator
Dr. Amy Voltz